Lost Coast Hash Plant

Lost Coast Hash Plant might have a long name, but you will for sure remember it once you use the strain. This is thanks to its full-body high that a user experiences. It will always leave you wanting more of the strain each time you use it. It does not even take long to start feeling its effects, thus making it great for unwinding in the evening.

The Lost Coast Hash Plant strain was created by breeding Lost Coast OG, G13, and Hash Plant strains. It should be easy to expect the Lost Coast Hash Plant to have some of the parents’ characteristics when it comes to the taste and effects.

Flavor and Effects of Lost Coast Hash Plant

The flavor can easily be described as the combination of herbal, spicy, and pine flavors. They will always leave you enjoying the strain on overall with a nice aftertaste also. Indica-dominance will make the users feel effects such as being happy, relaxed, sleepy and uplifted.

Medical Benefits of the Lost Coast Hash Plant

The THC content of the strain makes it good for some medical applications. The Lost Coast Hash Plant is used mostly for relieving conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, nausea, stress, and insomnia. You should sleep better when using it.

Negative Effects of Lost Coast Hash Plant

Depending on the amount you use, Lost Coast Hash Plant can make you end up with a dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Lost Coast Hash Plant

You will need past experience in growing cannabis strains to grow this strain. It will grow best in a cool climate. A bit of maintenance is needed to grow it better. This can include pruning, among other things.

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