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London Lemon

London Lemon

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The Plug Seedbank, a new and somehow unfamiliar name in the cannabis world, made a grand introduction of itself with their original delightful marijuana variety which they called as the London Lemon strain. It was through a backcross of Lemon Haze of London that gave this weed its wonderful life and fame. The plant of this weed strain produces nice buds and colorful flowers when already mature.

Flavor and Effects of London Lemon

The perfect blend of citrus, floral, and sweet tastes in this one marijuana variety is enough to comfortably make people couch-locked, smiling, and contented with the sedation they experience. It is a bringer of great ideas and thoughts as well as of amazing feelings because it is not too strong, nor too weak. The body and mind can deliciously enjoy this weed’s effects, too.

Medical Benefits of London Lemon

Any common illnesses nowadays have been treated in so many different ways which includes the use of this marijuana variety. It is useful in fulfilling some medicinal functions because it delivers relief from muscle pain, fatigue, cramps, arthritis, and also migraine. The mind’s problems like anxiety and depression may also be eliminated by this weed’s uplifting high.

Negative Effects of London Lemon

It may be hard to believe that something as delightful as this one could have something negative in it. However, it does have some like having dry eyes or mouth and paranoia especially when used too often.

Growing London Lemon

This weed loves to be in a cold climate area where it can be safe from pests and molds. Growers may choose to trim some of their crops’ branches or they may just train them to grow in a different direction

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