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Logic Diesel

Logic Diesel was named after the famous turntablist DJ Logic. The breeders had to craft Logic Diesel by crossing Mystic Kush and NYC diesel. It is believed that Logic Diesel should get you dancing to the music in no time once you start using it. This is easily attributed to its potency, which is within the range most users love.

You might not have to show off your dancing moves, but the high definitely makes you feel good. It is the reason most users will be giggly and euphoric at the same time. It is easy to distinguish the strain from others as it has dark green buds that also have an elongated shape.

Flavor and Effects of Logic Diesel

As for the flavors and aroma, they can get weird really quickly. You will experience hints of coffee, diesel, sweet, sour, and skunky flavors all rolled into one strain. This strain gives you both indica and sativa effects. They include having a body high, feeling euphoria, being happy, and sociable.

Medical Benefits of Logic Diesel

For its effects, Logic Diesel is good for relieving chronic pain. This is because it helps in numbing the pain. It is still good for relieving stress, fatigue, depression, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Logic Diesel

Users have complained about ending up with a dry mouth and dry eyes when using Logic Diesel.

Growing Logic Diesel

Logic Diesel plants have thick stalks making them resistant to various factors such as wind and cold. The strain does not need a lot of work, so it should be great for newbies. Pruning more often is recommended to help the plants grow better.

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