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Locomotion is a hybrid strain with indica dominant variety. It was created by the breeders from SubCool. The Locomotion was the offspring of the Blue City Diesel strain and the Timewreck strain. The combination of the two strains resulted in a strain with a very strong terpene profile. The Locomotion cannabis strain has cola in large size and has a very tight branching structure. Its cola drips off the resin that is very sticky. With this, the strain is a sure-fire to have the qualities of its genetic parents which many regular cannabis consumers are digging for.

Flavor and Effects of Locomotion

The strain Locomotion has an amazing terpene profile yet with a very strong skunk and sour scent that is comparable to rotting fruit. The strain also has a taste of a pineapple mixed with a combination of the sweetness of lemon and citrus undertones. The effects of the strain can provide great feelings and sedation too. It can make you very happy immediately after ingestion. It can out your mind and body in a state of euphoria and can boost your inner creativity. It can even make your mood and feeling uplifted. As the effects start to wear off, it can put your entire body and soul in complete relaxation and calmness.

Medical Benefits of Locomotion

The cannabis strain Locomotion is a very therapeutic strain that can help in many types of conditions such as stress and pain. It can even eliminate any traces of depression and any depressive thoughts. It can induce sleepiness on people suffering from insomnia and other troubles related to sleep. Due to its potency, the Locomotion strain is able to provide such amazing benefits to most people’s conditions, allowing them to function adequately with their endeavors and tasks.

Negative Effects of Locomotion

Despite the positive effects that the Locomotion strain can provide and even the therapeutics claims have reported, it can still provide some adverse effects which are very unfavorable to have. These adverse effects include drying of the eyes and parched mouth. It could even go beyond the common effects and trigger paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety. That is why the proper regulation of the cannabis amount should be put into consideration.

Growing Locomotion

The Locomotion cannabis strain can be grown and develop both indoor and outdoor growing areas. Regardless of where and how you are going to grow this strain, it is important to note that the strain may need to build an odor system to make sure the odor that the strain releases are regulated. When growing, it is necessary to know that to allow the cannabis plant to generate numerous colas, it is important to top it ahead for at least more periods and also enable it to have additional vegetation period.

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Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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