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Little Dragon

Little Dragon

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Little Dragon is another extremely rare cannabis strain that you can hope to find today. Because it is rare, its popularity has also skyrocketed. This is based on the accounts of only a few people who have used it. As a result, it makes more people want to find it to also experience some of its effects.

What is even more amazing about Little Dragon should be its effects. The unknown breeders combined OG Kush, Columbian, and Thai in a three-way crossing to end up with Little Dragon. It should be the reason this strain has quite a strong potency. Well, new users are advised to go easy when using Little Dragon.

Flavor and Effects of Little Dragon

The parent strains can give you an idea of what to expect. Well, Little Dragon will make you taste flavors such as tangy, herbal, and citrus all combined. Such flavors should leave the user with a great aftertaste. When it comes to effects, users will experience the best cerebral high because of its sativa-leaning effects. They will also be relaxed and focused.

Medical Benefits of Little Dragon

You can never go wrong with Little Dragon when relieving medical conditions. The strain can treat chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, muscle spasms, and many more.

Negative Effects of Little Dragon

Several users have complained about feeling dehydrated when using Little Dragon. Staying hydrated helps deal with such a side effect.

Growing Little Dragon

Little Dragon needs an experienced cultivator to grow it. Even just getting the seeds or clippings will take some time. With proper care, it should give you a good yield in the end. Grow it in a cool climate.