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Lime Green Skunk

Lime Green Skunk is a happy smoke. This means that its high will leave you feeling happier than before. It is easy to see why it can be a perfect strain for those with mood swings. The best part is that you will feel a balanced high that will still give you the energy to handle some tasks even when you are using it.

Exotic Genetics is the brain behind the creation of Lime Green Skunk. This breeder crossed Northern Lights and Super Skunk to end up with Lime Green Skunk. Most people find it easy going as compared to some other strains that might be too strong.

Flavor and Effects of Lime Green Skunk

Thanks to the parent strains, the Lime Green Skunk has multiple flavors. The notable one is the citrus flavor. Nevertheless, you will also experience additional flavors such as lime, herbal, spicy, and sweet. Lime Green Skunk always leaves its users feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, and hungry. It will be nice to get some food before using it.

Medical Benefits of Lime Green Skunk

For the mild sedative effects, Lime Green Skunk can be excellent for chronic pain, depression, and stress. It may also help relieve PTSD, stress, insomnia, and bipolar disorder.

Negative Effects of Lime Green Skunk

A bit of itchy eyes is expected because the strain leaves the user dehydrated.

Growing Lime Green Skunk

Lime Green Skunk will perform well in partial shade conditions. Having too much heat exposure affects its growth. To end up with the best yield, a bit of training is needed on the side of the cultivator. Give the plants more room to grow if you also want the best yield.

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