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Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian is a top cannabis strain with a quality high consumers love. To end up with Lil Sebastian, the Casper OG and Fruity Pebbles cannabis strains had to be crossed. Combining two famous strains results in a top-quality offspring, and that is Lil Sebastian.

This cannabis type is characterized by having large buds. This can only mean that the yield is also good. That is not only the good thing about it, as the aroma should make it stand out from the many in a room. Using it in a closed room should make it worth your while. Lil Sebastian tends to have sedative effects and thus will be great for evening use.

Flavor and Effects of Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian is good for bringing out several flavors users enjoy. Such flavors are berry, fruity, pine, and sweet. You can imagine the combination of all these flavors into one. When it comes to the effects, you will experience deep sedation because of the indica-leaning effects. Lil Sebastian is also good to leave you feeling creative in some cases. This is if you do not use a lot of it.

Medical Benefits of Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian works great to relieve several medical conditions. They include insomnia, chronic pain, and mood swings.

Negative Effects of Lil Sebastian

Generally, the strain will make you get the feeling of having a dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian needs a warm and temperate environment to grow better. It will easily get bushy, so a bit of pruning should help it grow better.