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There’s no doubt that this strain lives up to the meaning of its name as it has a therapeutic effect, and consumers love its candy-like taste. It’s a blend of BOG Bubble and JCB from Jack’s Cleaner and Blueberry orchestrated by BOG Seeds. It has a balanced potency that is long-lasting. This strain was intentionally created for patients who have chronic conditions. It can be both used for recreational and medical purposes.

It develops solid and spherical flowers, and they may range from medium to large size. The buds are big, and the leaves are tightly-coiled. Its surface has scattered yellow and orange pistils and translucent white trichomes. Some phenotypes of this breed have pale lavender or deep grape shade due to cold weather.

Flavor and Effects of Lifesaver

This strain bursts with the delightful aroma of fruity berry with some hints of grapes and lemon. It has some herbal notes too, and the exhale is filled with unique sweetness and tartness. The effects of this strain lead to optimism and elation as it changes the mood and makes the spirit uplifted. The flavor and effects are mutual in giving the consumers the sweetness.

Users will also feel tingly and numb, so any tension and harboring stress will be blocked. It imparts positivity that untangles messy thoughts, so it’s the strain for you when you just want to take a rest or be in the laid back mood.

Medical Benefits of Lifesaver

Its medical application covers a wide range of conditions. It moderates stress and depression, and it improves the focus of people who have attention deficit disorder. In the physical aspect, it’s a great pain reliever that alleviates pain in different orientations. The pain or ache can be temporary, from injury or due to chronic conditions like arthritis and lupus. It serves as an anti-inflammatory remedy for people who are annoyed with nausea and headaches.

Negative Effects of Lifesaver

It doesn’t have side effects that smokers should be really worried about. There are only a few and usual for smoking strain like dry mouth and irritated eyes. It can also make some users paranoid in the wrong circumstances of high doses. Slight dizziness and mild headache can also possibly happen to some smokers.

Growing Lifesaver

Growing this breed wouldn’t be bothersome at all. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is highly resistant to mold, mildew, and diseases. Its stature is tall and stocky, and it flowers fast compared to other breeds. It’s also essential that it is given an ample amount of space, so there’s no hindrance to its growth.

Growers should know how to handle broad fan leaves as they can block air and light coming through the lower parts of the plant. They may want to invest in something that can prevent its odor from circulating in the neighborhood.