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Liberty haze

Liberty haze

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This strain becomes famous because of its quick flowering time and unique taste. It received an award in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup as the best strain. Barner’s Farm bred this strain by combining Chemdawg 91 and G13. It boasts a distinct lime fragrance and taste. It has an enduring head buzz that might want you to have quality time with yourself or if you want to go bananas at a party with friends.

It has long, tapered buds that can remind you of a traditional Thai stick. They are fluffy and loose, so you can easily tear them away from their stem. It has vibrant spring green leaves and orange to red pistils. Transparent trichomes cover the surface, and it also is the creator of its potency.

Flavor and Effects of Liberty Haze

After its buds are properly cured, it has a unique aroma of lime and citrus tang is immersed into dank and kush notes. The smoke goes smoothly while you have the taste of lime on the exhale. You may also taste the subtle herbal and spicy flavors. This smoking experience will give you a euphoric feeling that’s mind-altering. But the head rush will spur the user’s creativity.

This strain makes people happier, more energetic, and more positive than before. The body buzz will let you feel tingles and numbing effect. Then you may also want to indulge yourself on a food trip.

Medical Benefits of Liberty Haze

The medical attributes of this strain are mostly psychological. But it has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe minor pain or aches and an irritated stomach. It sustains the right amount of focus that individuals with attention deficit disorders need. It opens the positive mood and perception for those who struggle in cases of depression and stress.

It has a slight sedative effect that can encourage sleep for those who have sleeping disorders or insomnia. It can stimulate the appetite well, so it establishes hunger for food cravings.

Negative Effects of Liberty Haze

Like any other strain, it can dehydrate smokers with the consequence of dry mouth and dry eyes. People who are prone to panic, paranoia, and recursive thinking and those who have low tolerance should avoid smoking it.

Growing Liberty Haze

It grows in a medium stature, and it possesses a substantial girth with big calyxes making it able to survive indoors and outdoors. It has strong branches that would carry the weight of the colas, and it does well in supporting them from bracing or stalking. Growers should trim the branches during the vegetative stage. The best thing about it is it quickly matures, and it would have large and fat colas that are prepared for a bountiful harvest. It’s nice that the fruit of your labor can be attained in a short time.