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Lethal Purple

Lethal Purple

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Lethal Purple is one strain that will get you talking a lot. As a result, this strain is recommended to be used in the company of friends. You will end up talking for hours. Expect that the conversation will also be filled with laughter and joy, considering that giggling and euphoria are some of its effects.

Lethal Purple might be potent, but it is just enough to help you relax. Overall, people find it being great to relax and just watch TV. Lethal Purple also allows for better mental clarity, even with full-body effects from the high. Haze and Blueberry were crossed to come up with Lethal Purple.

Flavor and Effects of Lethal Purple

You can never miss the scent and flavor Lethal Purple as it is distinct. The strain gives off a sweet, flowery, and grape flavor. It is always good to end up with a great aftertaste with such a strain. The most common effects of Lethal Purple include being talkative, creative, experiencing euphoria, and being happy.

Medical Benefits of Lethal Purple

Lethal Purple is really good for relieving stress. Those who use it feel relaxed and forget about their worries for a while. It is also recommended for depression, headaches, pain, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Lethal Purple

Dizziness is expected as part of the negative effects, but it is subjective. Most users also experience dry mouth and dry eyes as side effects.

Growing Lethal Purple

It is easy to grow Lethal Purple even for beginners. As for maintenance, you do not have to do a lot to grow Lethal Purple. It is also possible to grow indoors and outdoors.

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