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Lemonhead OG

This sweet strain pleases both the palate and the nose. It has refreshing terpenes, and all of these are made possible by Royal Choice Farms. It was bred out of OG Kush, a phenomenal phenotype with Goji OG. It has an outstanding power of tequila-headache healing. This long-lasting strain is good for daytime use.

It produces olive-green buds with specks of rich amber. Above those buds are bright orange hair and an ample coating of amber, chunky, crystal trichomes. All the colors combined turned into a dazzling spectrum of colors. It is a heavy Sativa dominant that offers energy and cerebral high.

Flavor and Effects of Lemonhead OG

Its aroma is consist of woody lemon with a spicy burnt essence. It has a clean lemony taste and tangy Pine-Sol accompanied by lung-expanding eucalyptus or menthol. This smoke can be enjoyed, and it would one of the things that you want to start your day with. You will need the factors brought by its effects like sharp focus and maximized energy. Whether you heap of things to finish or you’re having a rough day, motivation and optimism brought by this strain will help you get over with so many things.

The happy energy goes along with relaxation, so stress and fatigue will be blocked from your system. Users will feel tingles that crawl behind their necks down to their fingers and toes. It lets the body dwell in fuzziness and warmth without being overwhelmed.

Medical Benefits of Lemonhead OG

It is a great help in the medical Cannabis community as it can handle cramps, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. It’s a perfect remedy for headaches, migraines, and muscle pain. It provides comfort in many conditions that bother the patients’ physique, not to mention its natural way of healing. It can save individuals who are under depression by its capacity to boost mood and energy. It also lets people get back on the normal track of their meals when they lost their appetite

Negative Effects of Lemonhead OG

This strain causes dry eyes and dry mouth, and it can even proceed to cough. It’s wise to supply your body with a lot of water or fluids when you smoke strain. Smokers who can’t handle THC levels may experience dizziness, or they may sometimes have a headache.

Growing Lemonhead OG

Growing this weed won’t give growers much hassle, and even novice is capable of its cultivation. It’s not only easy to grow, but it’s low maintenance. But you have to make sure that the plant gets the proper nutrients and enough amount of light. These basic steps are done to ensure a high yield in the future. It’s flexible in thriving indoors with grow tents and outdoors within garden beds.

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