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What happens when you cross two of the world’s best strains Well, you end up with Lemonder. This is because the strain is a result of crossing Lavender and OG Kush strains. As you can see, these two are known for their powerful potency and also good aroma combined with cannabis effects.

Lemonder is good for its high cerebral effects. Such effects are also able to last for hours to come. This makes it good for those who want a long-lasting buzz. You can always use it during the daytime since it has mostly sativa-leaning effects.

Flavor and Effects of Lemonder

The Lemonder name gives you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the flavors. This is because it comes with the citrus flavor with hints of lemon, pine, and sour. Also, users have experienced undertones of spice and flowers. It is easy to see why most would want it. As for its high effects, Lemonder will leave the user feeling a cerebral high, sociable, giggly, hungry, and better focused.

Medical Benefits of Lemonder

Lemonder might just be what you are looking for when you have to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis. It is good for handling conditions such as loss of appetite, mood swings, stress, nausea, and ADD.

Negative Effects of Lemonder

Though not many, it is expected that you might feel dry eyes and a dry mouth as negative effects.

Growing Lemonder

Lemonder can be great for a novice grower, as it does not need a lot of work. It is recommended you use the Sea of Green method to grow it better.