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Lemon Wreck

Lemon Wreck

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To achieve Lemon Wreck, the breeder had to cross the famous Lemon Diesel with another famous strain, Trainwreck. As a result, the Lemon Wreck strain will always leave you with the best taste and also potency. Several users have attributed these strains to have the best mental and physical effects. You should really look forward to a nice high after using Lemon Wreck.
The cerebral effects kick in first and then followed by a strong full-body high. The unique aroma also fills up the room quickly to help you even enjoy the strain further.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Wreck

Lemon Wreck is expected to have diesel and lemon flavors because of its roots, and that is exactly what you get. To make it stand out even more, Lemon Wreck also has candy and citrus flavors being part of the taste. This is an evenly balanced strain, so expect it to have cerebral high as one of its effects. Also, it is energizing to uplift your moods.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Wreck

Lemon Wreck works great to alleviate chronic pain. This is thanks to the great potency that helps numb the pain. Still, it is good for treating conditions such as PTSD, stress, loss of appetite, and more.

Negative Effects of Lemon Wreck

There are not many notable side effects that have been reported on using Lemon Wreck cannabis strain.

Growing Lemon Wreck

Lemon Wreck needs a bit of work if you want to end up with the best yield. As a result, an experienced grower would be needed in this case. It will also need regular maintenance to help it grow better.

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