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Lemon Walker OG

In most forums, it is described as a happiness-inducing marijuana strain. It is also able to leave you feeling uplifted all the time, thanks to its above-average potency. To make it even better, Lemon Walker OG has won several awards in the cannabis community. At some point, it was in the 1st place during the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2014 under the Best Concentrate category.
The dank and aromatic personality of Lemon Walker OG makes it even better. These are all because the breeder crossed strains Skywalker and Skywalker OG to come up with such an amazing offspring.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Walker OG

The citrus and nutty flavors quickly fill your mouth whenever you decide to use Lemon Walker OG. It will also leave you experiencing several other flavors such as sweet, orange, vanilla, and lemon flavors. This should make you get hooked on it easily. As for its effects, Lemon Walker OG leaves you giggly all the time. You will tend to laugh a lot, making it great to enjoy the company of friends. It also makes you feel creative and focused better.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Walker OG

The strain has multiple medical benefits, including treating pain, depression, insomnia, stress, and PTSD. It is also good for handling other conditions based on the doctor’s recommendation.

Negative Effects of Lemon Walker OG

It is a good strain, but using it for too long leaves you with itchy eyes. Drink a lot of water to deal with this problem.

Growing Lemon Walker OG

Lemon Walker OG is good for growing it both indoors and outdoors. It will deliver a relatively good yield so that you can enjoy it even better. It takes an average amount of time for the strain to flower.

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