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Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush

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It is possible to find this strain being referred to as simply as Lemon Thai in some forums. The real stoners do not have the time to use all the three names. The strain’s name is good to help you identify the overall potency. Most people find it being within the right range to help you enjoy the best effects when the high kicks in.
Lemon Thai Kush parents are Haze and White Widow. These two are the ones responsible for improving the effects of each of the two parents. It is not just the high that you will enjoy when using the strain, but rather also the aromas.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Thai Kush

The combination of multiple flavors makes it stand out among common strains. It has the lemon flavor as the major flavor. It is still possible for the stoner to experience pine and sweet undertones with Lemon Thai Kush. For its sativa-dominance, Lemon Thai Kush gives you the best cerebral high. It is a good high, as it will not leave you couch-locked. It can also be uplifting.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush is important for treating conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, migraines, eye pressure, and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Lemon Thai Kush

You do not always have to overuse Lemon Thai Kush. However, when this happens, expect to experience side effects such as a dry mouth and itchy eyes.

Growing Lemon Thai Kush

Lemon Thai Kush needs a warm environment to grow better. It should be great in terms of yield as you will not have to do much to experience a bumper harvest.