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Lemon Tangie

Calyx Gardens made a Sativa-dominant hybrid by blending Tangie and SFV OG. It produces the tangiest and zesty buds, so it’s favorable to smokers. It is recommended for daytime use because of its cerebral effects and how it increases energy. It can be the strain that you want to get on with on a sunny day or just your typical day at the grocery store. This strain is converted into a vape juice for convenient smoking.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Tangie

Its aroma that’s similar to tangerine is refreshing accentuated by some citrusy hints that are likely from lemon and grape. It also has lemony pine on the smoke. Its high is like the yellow in the lemon and sunshine when it revitalizes the user’s energy. It has a sunny euphoria that can keep you going daily or even with outdoor activities like mountain climbing.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Tangie

Due to its sunny disposition, it’s great to eliminate stress, depression, and fatigue. It can also handle pain and inflammation, and it ends all the discomfort of the patients.

Negative Effects of Lemon Tangie

Bloodshot eyes and dry mouth can be brought by this strain, and they’re common with any breeds.

Growing Lemon Tangie

SCROG method or veganic cultivation can be used in growing this strain. The latter is a process that allows the plant to get nutrients from the soil in a natural way. It results in high yield and better-tasting harvest. Since it can grow as a tall plant, topping can be done to turn it into a bushy stature.

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