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Lemon Stomper

Lemon Stomper

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This strain can knock you down with its powerful punch but is indeed a crowd-pleaser too. Gage Green Genetics developed this strain by combining Chemdog Sour Diesel and Lemon Thai. It tastes, smells, and even looks like a frosted lemon tree. Its light green nugs have bright yellow hair, light green calyxes, and glazed trichomes. It grows into tall, narrow plants that have long, thin, dark green leaves.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Stomper

Its lemony smell continues to linger on its taste. Smoking this strain is like having freshly picked lemons. The taste has more sweetness than the smell, and it makes you feel like you’re enjoying a sweet lemonade. It has robust head buzz and psychoactive effects that are all from Lemon Thai. The uplifted mood races with the surge of energy as creativity become more functional.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Stomper

It helps conquer many conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, neck pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, and asthma.

Negative Effects of Lemon Stomper

Dehydration and feeling of being parched are the common adverse reactions in smoking weed. Drinking plenty of water is the solution to this. This strain makes consumers who overused it paranoid. It’s wise to watch the dosage.

Growing Lemon Stomper

This breed prefers to grow indoors, but it can be planted outdoors, too, but you should protect it from rain or snow since it likes warm weather. Indoor cultivation will give you a higher yield. Growers should be patient as it needs more time to be in its maturity stage.