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Lemon Sorbet 3

Lemon Sorbet #3

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This is a hybrid strain made by Gabriel Cannabis in the Pacific Northwest. It is a cross between Sherbert and Lemon OG. It has an indulging aroma and fruity flavor that compliments well its well-balanced high. Its small flowers are clasped in dense, pebbly clusters and it has feathery, sage green leaves that twist to the opposite side. There are curly, orange pistils and translucent white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Sorbet #3

It gives off a lemony aroma with slight earthiness and dankness. The smoke has a taste of tangy lemon. The high of this strain begins with tingly energy that results in being more talkative than usual, so it activates social skills. It also improves productivity. Then it has a very relaxing body effect that can make you sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Sorbet #3

The cerebral buzz improves mood, so it’s an advantage to ADD patients. It is a pain reliever for short term, mild and chronic aches or pain from lupus or COPD. It is anti-inflammatory, so it can get rid of the hassle of nausea and having a headache. This is the strain for those who don’t have much experience in smoking Marijuana as it has a lower risk of paranoia.

Negative Effects of Lemon Sorbet #3

Smokers must drink a lot of water to relieve their dry mouth from smoking weed.

Growing Lemon Sorbet #3

This weed can be grown at home through clippings or by cloning. Growers should see to it that they give the right humidity that this plant needs. It grows into a compact bush so you can make the most out of the available space.

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