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Lemon Skunk

This is a strong and pungent lemony hybrid strain that comes from a duo of Skunk phenotypes. There’s a theory that asserted that Skunk #1 and Dutch Citron Skunk are paired to create this breed. Though its genetics are in the shadow of mystery, it’s effects, flavor, and aroma are uplifting. So it’s worthy of being included in the list of the top 10 strain in 2009. From then on, its popularity blossomed.

The nugs are pretty dense, and they unpredictably stick out. It has a light but intense green shade like the leaves and buds. There are bright orange pistils, and moderate spread of glossy trichomes coat the surface.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Skunk

This strain has intense and powerful lemon flavors that will directly fill your mouth with sweet and creamy smoke. The blend of tangy and sweet citrus is a factor that further raises the high of this strain. Smoking this blend makes you young at heart, carefree and happy. It is all about the lemony happiness and positive vibe. Users will giggle and laugh hard at simple things while on the verge of euphoria.

The high gets into your cranial area first with no delay. Its numbing factor is gentle, but it won’t have a couch-lock effect. It gradually turns your body into a light and floaty mass. It’s an invigorating kind of relaxation while you are inspired to be productive and creative.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Skunk

Its properties are applied in various medical conditions. You can’t get many breeds with antifungal and antibacterial properties like this one. It aids in eliminating anxiety and stress, and it’s quite a good antidepressant. It also boosts energy, so it is used for disposing of fatigue. It relieves pain that you may encounter daily or chronic one.

Negative Effects of Lemon Skunk

This strain would make you feel parched, and it can also make your eyes dry and itchy. There are also instances of paranoia and a slight headache. Occasional smokers should take a low dosage as it would make them feel dizzy.

Growing Lemon Skunk

This breed is easy to grow with reasonably low maintenance. It’s best to feed it with compost from stores, or you can make your organic fertilizer by using ingredients such as molasses, kelp, and worm castings. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It grows up to 80 inches, so grow room would need sufficient vertical space to cater to its height. Exposing it to sunlight during the flowering stage even you grow it indoors will contribute to its exceptional growth.

It can handle the touch of humidity, but maintaining the Relative Humidity of your grow room below 50% is essential during its flowering stage.

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