Lemon Marmalade

This strain is out of this world as its potency can rocket up to 30%. Platinum Extracts worked on the development of this strain by incorporating Cookie Dough with Deadhead OG. It has a perfectly balanced blend that will let you soar in a bold high while you drift to the waves of excitement and energy. Beginners should be extra careful in having this strain, and it’s safe to start at a low dose.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Marmalade

This strain has a strong aroma of sweet and spicy notes, but its lemony taste subdued the scent. Its punch is straightforward to land in your head, and high its gives something you have never had before. It lets the user carry out insane creative vibes while the energy heightens. It has body buzz that is relaxing, and the sedative effect gets into the scene when the high wears off.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Marmalade

It aids cancer patients and those who have glaucoma to undertake the treatments that they must go through. Cancer treatments may result in stress, fatigue, loss of appetite, and nausea. All the symptoms given by those things are curbed by this strain.

Negative Effects of Lemon Marmalade

Due to its extremely high potency, dizziness, slight paranoia, and anxiety can be experienced by those who are not used to this kind of strain.

How to Hrow Lemon Marmalade

Growers can encounter difficulties in handling this breed, so beginners shouldn’t get their hands on it. It thrives both indoors and outdoors. It can be in the comfort of your house as it’s the preference of most growers.

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