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Lemon Kush

There’s a lot of controversy about the genetics and breeders of this strain. It might be the cross between Lemon G and Afghan Kush or the blend of Master Kush with Lemon G Sativa. But the good qualities of Lemon Kush are true and definite. It’s citrusy aroma and lightness makes it ideal for a busy day when you want to breathe some fresh air. Lemon Kush is pungent, and it’s filled with life and vivacity.

The taste of this strain blends well with Mother Nature as supported by its almost fizzing notes of lemon from the immense content of limonene in it. Its fragrant is uber as it can occupy the entire room.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Kush

It bears sweet lemony flavor with tangy and spicy notes. Elements of ammonia and diesel are expected among lemon marijuana, but Lemon Kush is an exception. Those things don’t belong in this strain’s flavor, so it’s more appealing. However, the sensations dwindle when one has become accustomed to smoking it.

It can be quite strong, especially to new smokers, but it brings good vibration. It’s like a key that opens happiness, and you will feel childish as you can’t resist giggling all the way. It has an intense head high as you feel warmth covers your whole body. It’s also uplifting, and it releases surge energy.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Kush

Patients who need medical Marijuana can use this strain during the day. It doesn’t leave the users groggy or tired even though it has relaxing and pain-relieving capabilities. It soothes individuals who have chronic pain, headaches, migraines, menstrual pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, joint pain, and other body aches and pain. Larger dosage can be used to heal these conditions and symptoms.

Intake of Lemon Kush has alternatives like in the form of candy, gummy, edible, extract, tincture, or concentrate. It deters anxiety, stress and mental disorders like bipolar and depression.

Negative Effects of Lemon Kush

This weed has side effects that turn the users a little bit paranoid and dizzy. If you’re not used to smoking strain, you may have a headache. Dry eyes and cottonmouth can be managed by drinking a lot of water.

Growing Lemon Kush

This breed is shockingly simple to grow as long as factors and conditions are regularly monitored. Both advanced and beginners are capable of cultivating it. When you choose to plant it outdoors, it should be with its preferred climate. It’s an advantage if this strain is in this setting because it can heighten its fragrance and taste. If you happen to have its required environment, you’re lucky enough to have the chance this low maintenance breed.

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