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Lemon Jeffery

Lemon Jeffery

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Irie Jeff from Irie Genetics developed this strain by combining Lemon Skunk and Golden Goat. The goal of the breeder is to improve the lanky stature of Lemon Skunk while upholding its distinct lemon flavor. This breed is a heavy producer of small green buds. These buds glisten with frosty trichomes in the shade of amber during the harvest time.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Jeffery

It tastes the same when it’s smoked or even when it’s made an edible. A citrusy lemon flavor stands over another taste that can be compared to a lemon confectionery treat. So this lemony essence will hit you hard in a snap, and the high is euphoric and uplifting. Users will be more relaxed and happier as creativity unleashes for more ideas to come out. It can be used to improve social skills as consumers become talkative.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Jeffery

It is recognized as a cure and treatment for depression and stress. It soothes body aches and even chronic pain. It has its way of easing inflammation that may be affecting some joints. It stimulates sleepiness in a person’s system, so insomniacs can rely on this strain.

Negative Effects of Lemon Jeffery

Mouth and eyes turn dry after smoking, and other adverse reactions are paranoia and increased level of anxiety.

Growing Lemon Jeffery

This is highly a heavy yielder, so it’s smart to give more space for branching out. Whether you plant it indoors or outdoors, be mindful of the space in your grow room and garden beds. Growers can use 1 000 watts for its lighting indoors.