Lemon Fire

Mr. B Extracts created this hybrid strain. It’s a descendant of Lemon Kush and Fire OG. It has given proof that it is from outstanding lineage as it won an award as The Best Concentrate in Washington Cannabis Cup last 2014. It has an ideal balanced effect, so it attracts many smokers. Its unique flavors are appealing to terpene lovers.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Fire

It has a distinct citrus aroma accompanied by sour undertones and astringent or ammonia notes. The exhale leaves smokers a mouth-puckering lemon taste. The effect begins with a cerebral high while uplifted feeling and positivity follow. Mood enhancing stimulation and mental buzz make ideas to overflow, so productivity happens. Then users feel more comfortable as they drift to sleepiness and even couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Fire

It has extreme psychoactive effects, so it can bring comfort and happiness to patients. So it can be a remedy to mental ailments like stress and depression. Physical discomforts can be attended by this strain too. It eliminates mild body pain and headaches, and it is also an answer to correct sleeping patterns of insomniacs.

Negative Effects of Lemon Fire

It turns mouth and eyes dry as other strains do. If it’s used too much, it can cause a headache.

Growing Lemon Fire

It will grow indoors and outdoors. It may grow up to six feet when it’s planted outside. Giving it plenty of space is the trick for this situation. Growers don’t have to wait for a long time for its flowering time.

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