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Lemon Daddy

This strain has reputable genetics as its parents are Granddaddy Purple and Super Lemon Haze. They both transferred all of the good qualities to this strain, so it comes out to be a mellow strain with a citrusy kick. Its effects settle in immediately, and it is the sedative effect is long-lasting. On the other hand, its pinecone-shaped flowers are underwhelming in size.

Flavor and Effects of Lemon Daddy

It has the scent of refreshing, tangy lemon, and sweet pine. There are also some scents of rich earth or like soil and dried leaves. It’s a bit herbal with a bit of lemony taste on the exhale. Energetic and uplifted spirit is what its effects offer, and users will feel happy to do their tasks. This strain is also good for social activities.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Daddy

It has functions like analgesics, so it can wipe out painful instances of headaches and muscle spasms. It can elevate mood, so it’s the best for alleviating stress and depression. Using this strain also means reducing mental and physical fatigue without taking tablets or pills and other synthetic drugs.

Negative Effects of Lemon Daddy

It leaves adverse reactions to having dry mouth and dizziness. Those who are new to this strain should start with a low dosage. You don’t want to experience anxiety, paranoia, and have headaches.

Growing Lemon Daddy

Growers can cultivate this breed indoors and outdoors. A way to keep mold and mildew away is to only water the plants when the soil is dry. This strain likes to be fed by organic nutrients. Good ventilation and lighting systems are necessary to secure a high yield.

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