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Lem Chem

This strain hails from Connoisseur Genetics of Chemdawg. It is a well-rounded weed that encourages physical training and well-being and lessens the physical discomfort. It is neither mobile or sedative, so you can follow your track while you’re with this strain. It’s suitable for both daytime and evening use, but the THC level is indefinite, so it’s best to be careful about the dosage. It produces olive-green buds with bronze hair.

Flavor and Effects of Lem Chem

It has an interesting aroma, and it projects flavor of diesel and lemon. It’s a carrier of happiness as it makes its users feel euphoria. Consumers will also feel energetic and focused, while all the worries are gone. It keeps them going to finish all of their tasks. The final beat of this strain is the feeling of hunger.

Medical Benefits of Lem Chem

It plays a role in treating stress and depression as it puts the body into relaxation. Its potency is capable of putting an end to insomnia or other sleeping disorders. It stimulates hunger, so this is also used to boost one’s appetite.

Negative Effects of Lem Chem

It gives users dry mouth out of its moderate THC content. Newbies should be aware of possible dizziness, headache, anxiety, and dryness of eyes that can affect them as they can fail to adhere to the first time use.

Growing Lem Chem

It can grow and adapt to both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s good to have it indoors as you can closely monitor your plants. It’s essential to maintain adequate lighting and air circulation that can prevent it from catching mildew and mold.

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