Legalized OG

It’s a unique phenotype of OG Kush, and it is worth trying. Seattle’s Private Reserve has been cultivating this breed. Its flowers appear large, well-formed, and cone-like, and buds are in Indica compact structure. The leaves are in vivid color of spring green, and rusty colored, hairy pistils are tangled around them. Thick white translucent trichomes are seen inside and outside of the dense buds. Due to its high THC level, it might be overwhelming for novice smokers.

Flavor and Effects of Legalized OG

It has some earthiness with a sharp scent of pine, and there is a skunky and sour odor. Legalized OG’s taste is earthy with gasoline fumes as it gives full relaxation. It uplifts the spirit, so users become happy and talkative with the result of high confidence. Users can’t help but surrender to sleepiness as the effect fades.

Medical Benefits of Legalized OG

It has analgesic properties that can decrease the pain and fatigue experienced by patients. Depression and stress can’t continuously seep through the system of people who suffer from these conditions. Patients who have chronic conditions may lose their appetite, so this strain is a savior for them as it induces hunger.

Negative Effects of Legalized OG

It’s the same with other strains that leave smokers with dry mouth and dry eyes. New users may experience more side effects like headaches and slight paranoia.

Growing Legalized OG

This strain will continue to thrive outdoors and indoors as long as you maintain its preferred environment. Growers should only water it if the soil is dry, not when it’s wet or damp.

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