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Lee Roy

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Lee Roy was bred by Rare Dankness Seeds is a connoisseur’s must-try indica-leaning strain with staggering trichome production. Rare Dankness Seeds remarked that this resinous cannabis is perfect for hash creation. Produced by mixing Triangle Kush with Rare Dankness #2, Lee Roy offers a Kush-forward fragrance intermixed with citrus and lime.
Its leaves are shiny spring green and are painted with curly orange pistils. With its thick coat of resinous trichomes, it gives the plant’s flowers a lightly dewy presentation. This strain grants users a rich, incense-like fragrance to complement its cloudy, slow-moving forces. You will observe a bright onset a few moments after your last puff that elevates you into a mood of euphoric creativity and artistic motivation.

Flavor and Effects of Lee Roy

Once smoked, Lee Roy supplies an extraordinary fragrance of sandalwood and hash, a proof to its Kush heredity. With an intense puff, you may discover signs of nutty, earthy odors, however, when ground or cracked apart, you may deliver some tangy tones of citrus. Combusting the flowers in a pipe or a joint offers a surprisingly creamy and palatable smoke that has a smooth vapor when exhaling. The perfect strain to make users admire a favorite album and wanting to start on a binge-worthy movie with some like-minded buddies.

Medical Benefits of Lee Roy

This strain provides a laidback vibe that can be beneficial for medical marijuana patients. With its prevailing glow of euphoria, it can help briefly divert from manifestations of stress, depression, and anxiety. The bodily effects can take the hurt out of all sorts of aches and pains, even those due to persistent diseases like cancer or lupus, and its anti-inflammatory qualities may assist soothe daily discomforts like cramps or nausea.

Negative Effects of Lee Roy

This strain fairly holds some unfavorable reactions that include the common dry eyes and dry mouth. It may make you feel drowsy and mild paranoia. This is the perceived cause of why smoking cannabis should constantly take into account the consequences of the strain and the individual users can handle. Mild anxiety can also be observed as an adverse reaction when too much of Lee Roy is enjoyed while the typical dry spell can be easily relieved by drinking a lot of water, the other cerebral negatives are advised to be avoided by moderating the dosage.

Growing Lee Roy

This strain can grow well both indoors or outdoors. Thriving outdoor gardening demands a humid atmosphere with daytime warmth between 70 and 80 degrees and should be recreated when cultivated indoors, providing an abundance of temperate sunshine. Inclined to its indica origins, this plant has a short and heavy stature with firm parallel branching patterns, and Lee Roy has a maturity of around nine to ten weeks.