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LEagle Eagle

L’Eagle Eagle

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The L’Eagle Eagle cannabis hybrid came from Denver, Colorado, and was bred by L’Eagle Services. It is a cross between the Candy Haze and Skunk No. 6 strains.

Flavor and Effects of L’Eagle Eagle

The L’Eagle Eagle marijuana strain smells like a combination of sweet fruits that are enhanced by notes of wood and pine. When smoked, it offers a spicy and diesel undertones. On the exhale, it leaves a refreshing woody aftertaste.

The effects of this strain are almost instant. You will feel your mind clearing away negative thoughts in just a puff or two. Gradually, this mental buzz gives way to physical relaxation, which comes in waves. This strain is a great daytime smoke because it does not knock you down to a sedative state.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of L’Eagle Eagle

The L’Eagle Eagle has a number of therapeutic benefits. This includes temporary relief from a number of mental and physical conditions, like headaches, depression, muscle spasms, backaches, and even inflammation.

Negative Effects of L’Eagle Eagle

Due to moisture inhibiting cannabinoids, many marijuana strains often cause dry mouth and dry eyes. However, these conditions are mild enough to be ignored by experienced smokers.

Growing L’Eagle Eagle

The L’Eagle Eagle marijuana strain can be grown indoors and outdoor environments. However, because it often takes a shorter time to produce its maximum yield in a controlled environment, many growers prefer this kind of setting. Greenhouse settings can mimic the needed climate by adjusting the humidity, lighting, and temperature that encourages higher yields.