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Le Silver Royale

Kleen Karma Gardens, located in Oregon, solely grows this strain. It’s a fantastic three-way cross of Super Silver Haze, Green Crack, and Green Queen. All of its parents possess great qualities of strains, and that’s why it’s a provider of hazy energy and cerebral stimulation. It is capable of giving a recreational high and medical aid as it is therapeutic.

Flavor and Effects of Le Silver Royale

This strain tickles the palate with cheese flavor, and there’s a contribution of skunk and dank to its taste. It is balanced by the exhale of damp earth and woody pine. The uplifting effect deletes all your worries as genuine happiness and euphoria engulf you. These effects will inspire you to undertake your tasks while you are talkative and relaxed at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Le Silver Royale

It a natural mood enhancer so it can easily wipe off depression and stress. It has potent analgesic properties, so it curbs the pain from any sort of medical condition.

Negative Effects of Le Silver Royale

Using this strain leads to having dry eyes. First-timers of this weed should expect the tendency of having dry mouth and headaches. Restlessness may also affect them, so it’s wise to start with a low dosage.

Growing Le Silver Royale

This plant will thrive in indoor and outdoor cultivation with organic food that’s based on its developmental stage. Growers should keep an eye on how air circulates to avoid mold and mildew sticking to the plants.

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