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Lazy Train

It is an Indica-dominant strain that is rare as it has the real deal with its potency, and its aroma is irresistible. It was bred by prolific breeders called Exotic Genetix. Its parents are Lavender, which gave the nice scent and Qrazy Train, which endowed potency in this strain. It has medium to large buds with flowers clasped in a conical cluster. They are coated with sticky, amber trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Lazy Train

It releases herbal, haze-like aroma with a deep note of soil and pine if you whiff deeper into it. The exhale brings out its slightly sour and vegetal flavor. The relaxing effect won’t drop in one time, but it instead creeps into the entire body. Euphoria and bliss will also reside. It will make you relax the whole day so it can be categorized as a couchlock strain.

Medical Benefits of Lazy Train

This strain has powerful analgesic properties that would not imprison you for the infliction of pain. It’s a chance that you won’t rely on pills or tablets. It’s great in soothing muscle pain, arthritis, pain, and even chronic pain. It also reduces inflammation and the discomfort of nausea.

Negative Effects of Lazy Train

Smokers should hydrate themselves to avoid dry eyes and dry mouth. Those who are first-timers in using this strain should prepare themselves from any possibilities of having headaches, paranoia, and restlessness.

Growing Lazy Train

It will grow within indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you prefer having it indoors, it should be given enough lighting, and air circulation should be good by trimming. This is to protect the plant from molds and mildew. The LST method can be used for this strain to have a nice yield.

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