Lazy Susan CBD

This is a cross between CBD cultivar and Stashsquatch, with the body high that is long-lasting. It was developed by Plantworks. Users would enjoy its long-lasting effects. It’s also beneficial for those who depend on medical strain. It has high CBD content that builds an uplifted mindset of calmness. CBD is the non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive sister of THC, and this is the element that is historically used in medical Cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Lazy Susan CBD

This strain diffuses earthy and spicy aromas, but once you smoked it, the inhale kickback gives floral essence. The high will stay for some time, but it’s smooth and balanced. It has calming and mellowing effects that can restore the body’s normal condition.

Medical Benefits of Lazy Susan CBD

Not all people who depend on the medical aid of the strain have illnesses. They incorporate strain with an overall wellness plan. This strain is an example as it was made into an oil to have satisfactory body relaxation due to its high CBD level. It has gentle effects that can even improve holistic health. It can be a pain reliever, and it can prevent anxiety from bugging your thoughts.

Negative Effects of Lazy Susan CBD

Cannabis smokers should be aware of the aftermath of taking the strain. It’s best that they drink water to prevent letting their eyes and mouth getting dry.

Growing Lazy Susan CBD

This breed will thrive outdoors and indoors. SCROG method can be applied when you put it indoors. The advantage of planting them inside is the control you can have on the air, lighting, and temperature. LED lights can be used for this plant.

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