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Lazy Lightning

Bodhi Seeds bred this fantastic strain that is adored by its remarkable and wonderful taste and odor. It is a cross between €˜88 G13 x Hashplant and Headband Loompa. Its small, dense, and grape-shaped buds are covered with bright amber pistils and frosty trichomes. The name says it all as it would make someone feel lazy. People need to play hard after working hard, so this is the strain that gets you through a lazy day under the warmth of the sun or laidback evening.

Flavor and Effects of Lazy Lightning

The bud is contained of spicy lime lemon, and the aroma is sharp citrus and earthy herbs with the additional tone of sour lime. The exhale gives of a light herbal taste. The high takes effect right off the bat and hard. The light lift will take users to euphoria and at the same time, focused and happy. The tingly body effects that can put someone to immovable and couch-lock for several hours.

Medical Benefits of Lazy Lightning

The THC level of this strain is responsible for aiding medical conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain or stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Lazy Lightning

This breed is not an exception in possibly giving smokers dry mouth and dry eyes. Supplying your body plentiful of water or fluid will reverse these side effects.

Growing Lazy Lightning

This strain can adapt to both indoor and outdoor settings. Growers should know that it has a 12/12 photoperiod or flowering period. It thrives well in a sunny environment, and it’s the breed that yields in an average bulk.

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