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The Lavender cannabis strain is hybrid cannabis with indica variety mostly lean on. The strain is also popular and known as Soma #10 since it is a creation of Soma Seeds. The offspring, Lavender came from the genetics of three-parent strains namely the Super Skunk strain, Afghani Hawaiian strain and the Big Skunk Korean strain.

Flavor and Effects of Lavender

The cannabis strain has a similar Afghani spice with dominant flavor and taste of sweet and lavender. Given that the name itself says it all. The impact of the Lavender strain is very soft and appears as strong happiness and joy. The cognitive high impact is heeded by a whirling stoning of the physical. It can even steady and comfort the body resulting in a maximum feeling of laziness. Unskilled consumers may rapidly plunge into sleep due to its potency.

Medical Benefits of Lavender

The Lavender cannabis strain can be utilized in any given moment throughout the day however, few people want during the night or at dusk to assist managing sleeplessness. The cannabis strain is frequently utilized for the treatment of pain solace because of its strong influential impact given by the indica variety. It can be a helpful therapy for anxiety, uncertainty, and even the case of depression. It can also extend its capacity by helping in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Some people similarly utilize this strain to combat sicknesses like nausea and eating problems. The increased composition of CBD may likewise benefit in fighting seizure attacks.

Negative Effects of Lavender

The unfavorable and undesirable consequences may encompass the most common reported including the drying of the mouth and eyes, and feeling of dehydration. The experiences of paranoid behavior are not usual to happen, yet only occur when the strain is consumed at a high amount of dosage. Hence, the usage of the Lavender cannabis strain should be regulated and in moderation to avoid the occurrence of such unfavorable impacts. Always remember to start, especially for beginners, at the minimum or small amount and gradually increase the dosage if you were able to get used to the impacts. In this way, you are allowing your mind and body to take in properly the psychoactive effects of the Lavender can provide.

Growing Lavender

The Lavender cannabis strain can be well suited to grow indoor and outdoor growing areas. When the strain is cultivated, you may opt using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to properly grow and thrive the plant. It may also need to shorten the vegetative stage of cannabis to manage the growth of the height of the plant. Despite the required maintenance, the Lavender strain may except to produce average production.