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Lavender Haze

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Lavender Haze was created by crossbreeding the classic Lavender Indica with legend strain G13 Haze. It has dense nugs with an excellent sweet-smelling scent that is both delightful and interesting to try.

Lavender Haze is a clean strain that provides even effects and has the potential to increase your spirit. This stimulating cannabis is perfect to enjoy for days where you require a kick to raise with the ability to think openly. Lavender Haze is aromatic cannabis that gives an exceptional response from the minute you are dazzled by its look until you experience its influences in your mind and body. This is exemplary to use during daytime or evening, as it can deliver a full relaxation from head to toe without removing you of the capacity to work and function outright, unlike other strains that will surely put on hold all your tasks and make you super lazy.

Flavor and Effects of Lavender Haze

Seductive flavors consist of powerful lavender vanilla and sweet while the earthy undertones remain under your palate. The flavors are sweet to the taste, as the effects give the most commonly explored in this strain, such as having a happy feeling that induces focused, it can still be relaxing but not that quiet. Euphoric too and uplifting, but just a note about Lavender Haze, this is more on the soothing happiness side.

Medical Benefits of Lavender Haze

This strain provides comfort for pain, such as headaches, migraines, chronic pain, pain from arthritis, muscle spasm, but not that strong, so if you seek something that has a high analgesic effect, then this strain is not the one. But this can be your aid to emotional problems such as depression and stress. In some cases, swelling and inflammation, together with the loss of appetite due to anorexia or chemotherapy, can also be very beneficial.

Negative Effects of Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze can be soothing, but it can also dispense a haze that may cause a very dry mouth, and drying of the eyes, the same severity as the headache that will be felt and those are the major side effects when using Lavender Haze. Fortunately, the paranoia and anxiety if too much was taken won’t be as drastic as other strains.

Growing Lavender Haze

To grow this strain, it does not need expertise, and the good news is this marijuana can be grown indoors and outdoors. This cannabis has a short stature which is very good at cultivating indoor if you don’t have a good space outside, and good to have too as an ornamental plant. Luckily it is already resistant to any common cold but not with pests. Most growers tend to use hydroponics to protect the batch from all those problems.