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Laughing Gas

This is a fuel-forward cross from the mix of Cherry Pie and Sour Diesel. It invigorates users by its therapeutic effects and powerful aroma. It is developed by an Oregon-based breeder called TKO Reserve. Its chunky flowers are average-sized and in irregular shapes. Curly yellow pistils and glassy trichomes spread over the surface. It has tightly coiled green forest leaves, and all the colors created good contrast.

Flavor and Effects of Laughing Gas

Strong gasoline covers most parts of its aroma, and tangy, fruity scent lurks in. It has a light, but very sour smoke, and the aftertaste is diesel fumes with a lemony taste. It delivers a positive mood, so users are happy, euphoric and relaxed. They are talkative and giggly, and this mood suits social gatherings best. The final phase of these effects leads to sleepiness.

Medical Benefits of Laughing Gas

This strain is of high value for Cannabis medical patients. It temporarily enhances the mood of people who are under the hurdles of mild to moderate stress and depression. It brings numbness to the ache and pain of everyday inflammation or chronic ones like arthritis. It stimulates the hunger of cancer patients who lost their appetites because of the therapies that they need to undergo.

Negative Effects of Laughing Gas

The usual side effects of this strain are from the common dryness of the mouth and eyes to anxiety. Taking a high dosage for those who have low tolerance can bring them slight paranoia, restlessness, and headaches.

Growing Laughing Gas

This breed thrives well both indoors and outdoors. When the soil is always dry, the plant needs to be watered daily to block molds and mildew. Air and light circulation and trimming are important to have a good harvest.

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