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Larry OG

This indica leaning hybrid originated from Orange County in California. It made a name for itself by winning the first prize as a medical Indica strain in the 2014 Cannabis Cup. This prize-winning plant was created by combining the OG Kush and the SFV OG Kush strains. Aside from its medicinal value, the Larry OG plant also boasts of nugs that are visually appealing. Its buds are minty green in color, covered abundantly by trichomes and orange-brown pistils.

Flavor and Effects of Larry OG

Sometimes referred to as Lemon Larry, this strain has a predominantly lemon aromatic and flavor profile. Hints of earthy and pine follow the sour fragrance. Much like its smell, an obvious woody and herbal undertones also linger on the lips after the last smoke. This unique blend can explain why Larry OG has maintained high demand over the years.

The effects of this cannabis strain don’t take long to hit you mentally and physically. As it elevates your mind to a euphoric state, the strain also completely relaxes your body. The effects are not something that will drag you to sleep, however, but instead, it will make you feel more productive, creative, and focused. You will feel motivated and stimulated to complete boring, tedious tasks while high on this strain.

What are the medicinal benefits of Larry OG

As expected, the Larry OG strain provides a wide array of medicinal benefits. For one, its cerebral effects help patients who are struggling to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Even those who are suffering from PTSD will find this strain especially helpful when smoked regularly. Its relaxing physical effects also helps relieve body pains and aches. This can range from mild headaches, muscle spasms to joint aches, and even to chronic cases of inflammation. The high THC content of this strain also stimulates the appetite. In fact, by the time the effects start to slowly leave your body, you will suddenly feel the hard case of the munchies. Because of this, Larry OG is also used to help patients who are struggling with eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Larry OG

While the buzz is still on, you will most likely suffer from dry, itchy, and red eyes. Often times, this is accompanied by feelings of parchedness on the throat. By making sure you are hydrated while on high, you can easily mitigate these annoying side effects.

Growing Larry OG

Created by the Cali Connection Seed Company, Larry OG is a moderately easy plant to grow. It is susceptible to pests and diseases, so proper attention and care should be provided. However, as long as growers do their share of the deal, these prize-winning plants can reward them with large amounts of beautiful flowers within 65 to 70 days.

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