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LA Confidential and Purple Diesel are mixed to create this flavorful strain. Its name doesn’t stand for Los Angeles Police Department. It is instead the initials of its parents. It entices smokers for recreational purposes, and it has made a difference in people’s lives by being Medical Marijuana. It is a balanced strain that gives users good vibes as their spirits soar high.

Flavor and Effects of LAPD

Its flowers carry astringent and chemical fumes. It will give you a thick smoke with sour and a bit of fruity flavor. This strain makes its consumers happy and satisfied because of its quick uplifting effect. It also provides energy to stay active, and it will help you to do all the things on your list.

Medical Benefits of LAPD

It can tackle mental issues like stress, depression, and attention deficit disorders. It can dull the pain that persists from headaches, cramps, inflammation, and even the conditions of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Negative Effects of LAPD

This bud can make you thirsty as it brings dryness to your mouth and eyes like any strain will do. People who have low THC tolerance, and those who are panicky and tend to be paranoid should avoid this strain. They can be easily affected by paranoia, anxiety, and slight dizziness.

Growing LAPD

Though you have the option of planting it indoors and outdoors, this breed flourishes well in the greenhouse and by using SEA or Screen of Green gardening methods. It doesn’t require much experience, so even beginners can handle this strain.

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