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Landos Stash

Lando’s Stash

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Sage Pure Kush and Bubba Kush joined forces to sum this hybrid strain up. It was developed by Bodhi Seeds. It has an exotic smell supported by some spicy warm notes. It is noted as the richest and hardest hitting breed among Cali kush. Smokers can have this during the day and in the evening. Its light green buds are small but dense, and they are covered by trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Lando’s Stash

This strain’s flavor can be described as warm and spicy. Its floral notes are similar to lavender. Then the spectrum of effect spun into space and time, and it sends the user to an intergalactic wave. The mind is high, and the body floats on the soft, feathery clouds. All in all, it bears a cerebral high and psychoactive effect that goes on and on.

Medical Benefits of Lando’s Stash

Aside from being a party strain, there’s no compiled record for its medical use.

Negative Effects of Lando’s Stash

Some experienced dizziness after taking this strain. One must be responsible enough to know their limits, especially beginners. Smokers should always watch out for dehydration from smoking Cannabis. Dry mouth or throat and itchy eyes are gained from it.

Growing Lando’s Stash

Luckily, the seeds of this strain are available for cultivation, but they’re not feminized. It’s better to grab some seeds if you’re curious about this breed as they can be limited edition. Growers can also possibly grow this by cloning. It can be grown indoors and outdoors.