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Lambs in Space

It’s a balanced strain that is filled with the decadence of mango, lemon peels, and fuel. Pilot Farms created this putting Space Candy and Lambs Sour Diesel together. It’s best for social interactions and gatherings as it brings good vibes and giggly buzz. It has a vivid appearance with bright green ferns and amber pistils. Smoking it during a day will give you happiness and focus.

Flavor and Effects of Lambs in Space

The fragrance of lemon, mango, and fuel is abundant in this strain, so it attracts many smokers. The light high goes with tingles as users feel giggly, euphoric, and aroused. It clears the mind and problems disappear. Users are more open and participate well in a conversation, so it’s the strain for social skills.

Medical Benefits of Lambs in Space

It lowers stress and depression by using its mood-elevating capabilities. Patients can rely on this strain rather than being dependent on stress reliever and antidepressant. The effect just comes naturally, without any grave side effects.

Negative Effects of Lambs in Space

Dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness are the things brought by this weed. New users of this strain might have a headache, and they might be restless too. It’s wise to start with a low dosage so the impact won’t be full-blown.

Growing Lambs in Space

It can be grown outdoors and indoors as well, but growers have to be attentive with details. The plant needs sufficient lighting and good air circulation, so it won’t have molds and mildew. Enough space, pruning, cropping, and low-stress techniques are essential to its growth.

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