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Lambo OG

The Lambo OG derives its name from one of the most popular supercars, the Lamborghini. It comes from an interesting three-way cross of the Jamaican Haze, Super Afghan, and Jamaican Purple strains. Its buds are typically mint green in color. However, certain conditions set by some growers result in the flowers grow into a lavender or violet shade. The buds are covered by bright orange pistils and off-white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Lambo OG

The Lambo OG marijuana strain offers a delicious flavor profile. While its inhale is drastically different from the exhale, both profiles will still make sure to bring you back for more. The aroma produces by these buds are surprisingly sweet. Hints of fresh soil and pine follow and break up the sweetness. Once burned, this strain produces a nutty and earthy taste. On exhale, it then gives a vanilla and citrus taste that lingers on the lips.

As its name suggests, the effects of this strain can hit you quick, but smooth. As it is dominantly leaning on the sativa side, the high is expected to be more cerebral than physical. The mellow mental buzz will uplift and motivate you. With the high progress, it will also surely bring out the party person in you. After the effects start to wane, however, a hard case of the munchies will hit you hard, so it is best to prepare some food beforehand.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Lambo OG

Right off the bat, the Lambo OG can help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression for a  lot of patients. It can also help with mild headaches and migraines due to its cerebral effects. And because this strain often ends up with a hard case of the munchies, it is often used to treat patients who are suffering from eating disorders. This plant helps stimulate their appetite.

Negative Effects of Lambo OG

Usual negative effects from the Lambo OG includes dry and parched throat. Often times, this symptom is followed by itchy eyes, caused by it being dried. By simply making sure you stay hydrated while smoking this plant, you will be able to enjoy its full recreational effects.

Growing Lambo OG

The Lambo OG cannabis strain is pretty hard to find in many dispensaries. However, interested growers can still cultivate their own by using clippings from mature plants. This plant is well-loved by a lot of growers due to its hardy nature. It is resistant to many elements and diseases, including mold and mildew. It also thrives well in any kind of setting. From indoors, outdoors, and greenhouse settings, these plants can provide high yield if given the appropriate amount of care and attention it deserves.

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