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Lady Liberty

Liberty Seeds is the breeder of Lady Liberty, and it has kept its proprietorship to itself. It is a balanced hybrid from crossing Chemdawg 91 and G13. It received an award as Best Sativa from the 2005 Harvest Cup in Vancouver. Its name represents its appearance too. Like the Lady Liberty statue, it has well-formed, large flowers, and buds are tapered and elongated like a cypress tree.

Flavor and Effects of Lady Liberty

The flavor is awesome, with the sweetness of orange and grapefruit. Sour odor arises when it’s broken into bits. The exhale is on the sweet fruity side. The effects start with a clear-headed high that uplifts the spirits, and it casts away negative thoughts. It maximizes focus, but the relaxation it gives can proceed to couch-lock.

 Medical Benefits of Lady Liberty

It’s a versatile strain in terms of medical use, and it’s being valued by patients who are dependent on it. It can put a halt on the symptoms of stress and depression. It a pain reliever that is effective in both incidental cases or chronic ones like the conditions of arthritis and lupus. It acts as an appetite stimulant so patients can have a normal diet.

 Negative Effects of Lady Liberty

Dry eyes and dry mouth can be experienced by Cannabis smokers.

 Growing Lady Liberty

Since there are no available growing tips for this strain, it’s best to cultivate it in an artificial environment. This setup will allow growers to easily manage things like temperature, humidity, and protection against diseases.

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