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LA. Sunshine

LA. Sunshine

LA. Sunshine is an evenly balanced hybrid that comes from a three-way cross of Strawberry Diesel, Starfighter, and Coal Creek Kush strains. This strain is often distinguished by its chunky buds that cling together in a popcorn-like structure. These buds are dark forest green in color with rust-colored hairs and white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of LA. Sunshine

The LA. Sunshine marijuana strain comes with an aroma that’s marked by refreshing notes of citrus. Its flavor profile, on the other hand, is a complicated combination filled with sharp notes of diesel and tar, which is quickly overtaken by sweet fruits. This complements the citrus undertones and spicy and earthy aftertaste that lingers after the last smoke.

The effects of this strain offer a well-balanced blend of physical and cerebral effects. A light and invigorating pressure signal the start of the high. A mental buzz that clears the mind and increases focus will come first. This is then replaced by a soothing buzz that flows from the temple to toes. It is mild enough not to sedate anyone, so it is a good strain to use if you want to accomplish some tasks with the needed focus and creativity.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of LA. Sunshine

This strain helps manage stress and anxiety among many patients. It also stabilizes turbulent emotions, which can lead to depression and other psychological stress.

Negative Effects of LA. Sunshine

Depending on the dosage, you can experience mild feelings of anxiety and paranoia when smoking this bud. As always, moderation is key.

Growing LA. Sunshine

The LA. Sunshine marijuana strain is one of the easiest stains to grow. It is highly adaptable and can grow outdoors, indoors, and controlled environments. It is also resistant to many common diseases, as well as pests.