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La Reina De Africa

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This strain is a Sativa-dominant crossbreed of Afghani, Thai, and AK-47 by Kannabia Seed Company. This strain produces a generous yield with an excellent flowering period due to its Afghani heredity.

These recessive genetics also add a spicy undertone to the strain’s primarily tropical bouquet. The strain’s uplifting mental state gives way to smiles and giggling, while the physical effects remain active.

Flavor and Effects of La Reina de Africa Strain

The flavor gives an acidic, tropical fruity with an acridly spicy aftertaste. This cannabis strain’s high will uplift users into the cloud and provide chuckles with unstoppable smiles.

Medical Benefits of La Reina de Africa Strain

This weed is suitable for aiding with several medical ailments, conditions, and symptoms. This includes depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, stress, and inflammation.

Negative effects of La Reina de Africa Strain

Unsurprisingly, the most common side effects of this strain are the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. Just like other strains, taking this strain causes dehydration, so it is suggested to keep fluid close. Other effects may include mild headaches and paranoia.

Growing La Reina de Africa Strain

This strain is advised for amateur growers because it gives no trouble when growing, forming thick stems on the trunk and branches. The narrow, serrated leaves have a dark lemon green color. With controlled growing indoors, breeders can achieve a striking, high yield. Growers should not let this plant grows for too long indoors. Two weeks will be sufficient for the plant to keep its prolific growth under control.