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LA OG is a steadily balanced hybrid named in the city’s honor. This strain is a mixture among two powerhouse strains, the LA Confidential and none other than the classic indica OG Kush. Its decent THC level revolves at between 12% and 24%.

With a fruity tang that has surprisingly few bits of funkiness and its appearance that pertains to a coating of murky white trichomes embraces the flowers’ exterior covers and inner nooks and crannies, making them exceptionally sticky, this bud’s bag charm is as bright as its potency. A heavy hitter, LA OG is perfectly savored on a sluggish day with nothing extra to do.

Flavor and Effects of LA OG

The flavor of LA OG is earthy, similar to pine with adequately sweet connotations. The aftertaste suggests one of the native berries. The haze gives start to a musky aroma with notable citrusy odors. When burnt or crushed, this strain gives off a creamy and friendly vapor that tastes fruity and floral on the sigh. With its couch-locking effect, a weightiness shortly flows to the rest of the body, particularly in the limbs. The lure to take a load off on the nearest soft bed may prove overwhelming for some.

Medical Benefits of LA OG

LA OG is a powerful variety of medical marijuana with a strong cerebral and body high. This strain can also have many uses for medical cannabis patients. Its robust physical forces can alleviate deep-seated aches and pains, as well as irregular cramps. Bud’s anti-inflammatory characteristics may also release stresses like headaches and nausea. Its inclination to stimulate appetite may even be an adequate hunger energizer for patients who have dropped their appetites to illness or to chemotherapy. Psychologically speaking, LA OG’s calming influences can briefly take the turn away from stress, depression, and even anxiety. In large enough applications, the strain may lull insomniacs to a deep slumber.

Negative Effects of LA OG

It is encouraged that users go in gently with LA OG, and let the reactions to sink in before puffing for more. Cases of the usual paranoia or dizziness associated with some strains are not likely with this one. The overall side effects would be so common, which includes dry eyes and cottonmouth since these are the case with most marijuana.

Growing LA OG

LA OG can be grown indoors or outdoors in a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like atmosphere. Although this plant is generally repellant to common molds and pests, it may be helpful to monitor gradually is a heavy structure that may hinder its development. The strain’s indica heredity implies short and bushy flowers that should be frequently cropped to get rid of any thick fan leaves that block the daylight.