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LA Jack

LA Jack is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a combination of the LA Confidential and Jack Herer strains. It has medium to large-sized buds that are loosely structured in an almost cylindrical shape. The buds are pale green in color and are covered by dark red pistils and translucent trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of LA Jack

The LA Jack marijuana strain has a unique smell and flavor profile that can be best described as a fruit salad. Tastes of apples, apricots, and citrus fill the tongue with hints of pine towards the end.

Like many other sativa dominant hybrids, the effects of this strain takes a while. However, once the high hits, it starts with a mild headrush, often accompanied by some tingling sensations around the eyes. Soon after, the cognitive buzz is experienced. These mental effects zone in on increased creativity, focus, and productivity. As the high progress, instead of a relaxing physical sensation, you will feel a bodily burst of energy. This jolt of physical energy will make you want to run it off or do those lapses immediately.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of LA Jack

This strain can provoke the munchies, making a good appetite stimulant for those people struggling with eating disorders.

 Negative Effects of LA Jack

For those who are prone to panic, the LA Jack hybrid is not recommended. Strong mental activation can also cause paranoia and anxiety.

Growing LA Jack

The LA Jack marijuana seeds are not sold online. However, for growers who want to cultivate this strain, they can obtain clippings from mature plants and grow their own LA Jack plants from there. This plant can grow indoors, outdoors, and in controlled greenhouse settings. The tall and branchy plants require regular pruning to produce its maximum yield.

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