LA Cake

La Cake is a strain produced using the cross between GG4 (f.k.a. Gorilla Glue #4) and LA Kush cannabis strains. Cannabis that is widely known for its perfect sedative type of kick, that you will definitely love and sought for more.

The aroma that is much more distinguished with the plant is somehow a blend of sour soil and the spicy diesel with the twist of rich pine trees with hints of the sour and earthy fragrance, a smell for freedom away from stress.

Flavor and Effects of LA Cake

La Cake may have a lot of flavors that you will taste, but the best part of it is the OG family inheritance, thanks for its OG traits, the diesel, and the earthy taste is still very well preserved and alive. It is also known for its relaxant properties where you will feel energetic but not fast, just calm enough to do your task. Feeling warmly sedated and relaxed, that will be the last thing that you will feel as the high gets down. Giving you all the best feeling to embrace and settle for a moment.

Medical Benefits of LA Cake

This cannabis is a good or pain reliever option for pain, such as arthritis, migraines, headaches, lower back pain, and other sorts of agonizing pain. It can also be beneficial for those who are prone to stress, over fatigue, ate work, and facing depression.

Negative Effects of LA Cake

If you are a routine user of LA Cake, usual drying of mouth and eyes will be expected, and sometimes you will feel moderate headache and dizziness. Extreme usage of this strain might cause psychosis; therefore, use with caution.

Growing LA Cake

LA Cake is such perfect strain to start if you are planning to cultivate different kinds of os cannabis. But there are the top things that you need to learn for cultivating indoor and outdoor, it’s your call. Luckily, LA Cake is resistant to pests and very good with any type of climates. With that statement, choosing indoor setup and outdoor should be thought over before implementing it.

outdoor environment for LA Cake is a good place just a few points to consider. This plant is tall, therefore, for the sake of privacy, plant this in a more secluded area, aside from that, you can need o trim the top of this plant, not just to control the growth but also freshen up the stalk and let the air pass for the meantime, oxygen can make you plant very healthy.

Now, indoor is already secluded, but it still needs more equipment or any idea to help you out in raising LA Calke. You don’t need to call an expert to help you out. Just remember to keep your plant warm to avoid pesky diseases.

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