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Kushberry is an indica dominant hybrid. It can be called Berry Kush or Kush Berry too. The strain came from the DNA Genetics and the breeders combined the two strains. These two are Oregon’s Blueberry strain that has won Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000, and the LA’s OG Kush strain which has won at the Spannabis Cup in the year 2008. Thanks to its genetic parents, a new hybrid strain is bred which has the best qualities of its parents.

Flavor and Effects of Kushberry

The Kushberry cannabis strain has a dank dominant scent and also generates sweet and earthy tones of pleasant aroma. The powerful presence of blueberry taste that this cannabis strain provides makes it very popular among cannabis consumers. The herbal undertone of the strain can be noticed as well when exhaled lending such thrill on the faces of people.

The impact of the Kushberry strain begins with providing happiness and euphoric feelings and thoughts. It can also induce hunger which will make you crave food and find peace and relaxation by the end of the day. It can also induce sleepiness in the deep state due to the relaxing and comforting vibe it provides.

Medical Benefits of Kushberry

The cannabis strain is great in providing remedy and therapeutic benefits on the person using it hence many people are seeking help for this Kushberry strain. You may find peace and relaxation shifting away from your stress and reduce significantly all the pain you are feeling. It can also reduce and help in the treatment of anxiety and even depression. If you happen to have trouble sleeping, then this strain may just be right for you, as it can make you feel sleepy and eliminate insomnia. It can even reduce the occurrence of seizures and may induce hunger among people with eating problems.

Negative Effects of Kushberry

Despite the number of conditions it can treat, the strain may manifest dizziness, headache, and paranoid behavior when the consumption has stretched beyond the tolerance level. However, with the right regulation of the strain used, you may only experience minor and temporary impacts like the drying of the mouth and eyes.

Growing Kushberry

Kushberry cannabis strain can thrive and develop indoor and outdoor growing areas. The plant is not a hard strain to cultivate and only requires to be under the right conditions especially when outdoor. It flourishes very well under the Mediterranean climate and can provide its full potential when grown using a hydroponic setup. It can even go beyond expected when the setup is paired with the Sea of Green (SOG) method. It can make the cannabis strain to develop rapidly and even generate a bountiful yield. Using soil can also give a great impact on the cultivating process of the strain especially when indoor.