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Kushadelic from Soma Seeds wonderfully blends the potency of indica with the cerebral vitality of a sativa in this G-13 Haze and OG Kush crossbreed. 
Whether you are out socializing or enjoying your own group, this strain produces a warm, adaptable buzz in reasonable doses. The floral, citrus aroma from Kushadelic’s Haze heredity penetrates through powerful earthy and hashy tones.

Flavor and Effects of Kushadelic 

The smooth vapor generated by the Kushadelic boost of a sweet tone of berry and pine. Upon sniffing, you can discover its floral earthiness a pleasure. Evidence of its Haze lineage is visible upon emitting its spicy and citrusy tones. Its effect implies a numbing buzz that gives users feeling completeness and unlikely to keep on staying active.

Medical Benefits of Kushadelic

Most of the recreation induced by this highly therapeutic strain includes strong anti-inflammatory and narcotic-like traits. Consequently, numerous medicinal cannabis users utilize this strain to deal with inflammation, nausea, vomiting, as well as assistance from persistent pains and aches.

Negative Effects of Kushadelic 

The common unfriendly effects connected with Kushadelic are dry mouth and dry eyes. This strain has adverse reactions that you can barely observe. 

Growing Kushadelic

Experts and seasoned growers admit that when it comes to the plant’s formation and its characteristics, this strain presents both features of Sativa and Indica. However, as the plant approaches maturity, it begins drifting towards the Sativa side, such as producing wide and slender leaves. While it succeeds growing in an outdoor setting, it is truly fit planted indoors.