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Kush Clouds

Kush Clouds

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The Kush Clouds is another indica type of strain which is developed through cross breeding the Hash Clouds and mass producing Black Market Kush. It has a nice and aromatic scent of citrus and hashish with diesel notes.

It also produces resinous colas and big, compact buds which is high in potency. It can easily adapt in any climate weather indoors or outdoors. It grows with many branches and structured stem.

Flavor and Effects of Kush Clouds

This strain has inherited a nice combination of hash, citrus, earthy and diesel flavors which perfectly blends. And it offers great power and strength as the effect of its narcotic content. It uplifts and relaxes your body at the same time.

What are the Medical Effects of Kush Clouds

The medical effects of the Kush Clouds are perfect and can treat people with mental conditions such as ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, depression, social anxiety and post-traumatic stress. It is also used as a good pain reliever and anti-inflammation.

Negative Effects of Kush Clouds

The negative effects are not that strong and do not last for many hours. You can expect to be paranoid, dizzy, hungry and it dries your mouth and eyes. You may notice a change in your behavior which can be aggressive or out of control at times.

Growing a Kush Clouds

It is easy to cultivate this type of marijuana. Kush Clouds can grow in an indoor or outdoor climate. However, it is still advised that you make sure to place the plant where it does not have a too hot or cold temperature as it may damage its growth. Make sure to balance light and water. You can do a normal process of growing cannabis but you can also apply any growing techniques.

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