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Like its parents, the Alien Orange Cookie, and the Blucifer strains, the Kuato is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is distinguished by its dense and dark green buds, which are clustered together like a long spade.

Flavor and Effects of Kuato

The Kuato has a distinctive aroma that is reminiscent of oranges. It is overall sweet with hints of sourness. On inhale, this bud tastes like sweet fruits, such as berries and oranges. On exhale, it leaves a spicy undertone that lingers on the tongue.

The effects of this strain are almost instant. A euphoric swarm fills the heads almost immediately. It can lead to an increase in creativity, focus, and sociability. This makes the strain a great conversation starter. Smoking this bud will help you feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

What are the medicinal benefits of Kuato

Kuato is a great strain to manage stress, which can be a major factor leading to depression. In inducing its happy high, Kuato will help stabilize moods and manage these symptoms easily.

Negative Effects of Kuato

Downing a few glasses of water will help counter the usual negative effects of Kuato, which is cottonmouth and dry eyes. These conditions, however, are often mild to the point that seasoned users usually ignore them.

Growing Kuato

Easy to grow, this plant can grow indoors and outdoors. Despite growing relatively high, it does not require support. However, it does require regular topping and trimming to encourage resin production and to improve its yield. As a sativa dominant hybrid, the Kuato thrives well using the Screen of Green method.

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